AINIA / 25 July 2016

SmallBIOGAS, a new online tool for evaluating the viability of biogas plants

AINIA Technology Centre, together with other European Institutions, has created SmallBIOGAS, an application for evaluating, on Internet, the technical, economic and environmental viability of the installation of a small-scale biogas plant. This tool is one of the results of the European project Biogas3 and allows companies to identify their energy needs and the difficulties that can arise when installing their own agro-industrial biogas plant.

In addition to AINIA, FIAB (Spanish Food and Drink Industry Federation) and other universities and European centres are collaborating in Biogas3. The aim of the project is to support the agri-food sector in the small-scale sustainable production of renewable energy for self-consumption, from agro-industrial biogas obtained from the residual organic matter of the agricultural, food and drink industry.


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