Planes de control

Launching safe products on the market that comply with the current applicable legislation

To guarantee that the products entering the market comply with the current legislation in terms of quality and food safety parameters.

To protect consumers by supplying them with safe products that meet the nutritional specifications on the labelling and with the expected quality.

Respond to the distribution demands of the target market, complying with the BRC and/or IFS standards and with the particular requirements of each supermarket chain.

At AINIA we give you value

  • Laboratories with a high level of accreditation (ENAC, ILAC)

  • QS certification for pesticide residue detection

  • Sample traceability system for batch release

  • Immediate off-specs warning

  • Technical assistance with analytical results assessment

  • Experts in identifying emerging risks

  • Team of lawyers specialized in Food Law

Design of analytical control plans

Defining an analytical control plan is key to ensuring food safety, consumer protection and compliance with legal requirements.

In addition, analysing the right parameters at the right time saves costs and ensures that products meet customer expectations. It also prevents future product recalls or food alerts, thus safeguarding the brand image.

We prepare personalised control plans depending on product type, business volume and target markets.

Our physical-chemical and microbiological laboratories have a high level of annual extended accreditation and accreditations in specific sectors, receiving samples 365 days a year. Food Safety specialists analyse the results and report immediately if there are any off-spec parameters.

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Roberto Ortuño
Food Safety Manager

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