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Nos adaptamos a las necesidades y requisitos de cada sector y mercado para ayudarte a alcanzar tus objetivos


Aportamos soluciones integrales de innovación y tecnología

  • Ofrecemos cobertura en todas las fases del proyecto y nos adaptamos a tus necesidades específicas.
  • Ponemos a tu disposición los recursos materiales y humanos que necesites.
  • Disponemos de más de 13.000 m2 de instalaciones de vanguardia y contamos laboratorios certificados.
  • Nos avalan más de 35 años de experiencia en proyectos de innovación y tecnología.
  • Realizamos análisis y estudios de consumidores para estar al corriente de las exigencias del mercado.
  • Contamos con reconocimientos y acreditaciones de distintas entidades nacionales e internacionales.
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What they say about us

webinar antimicrobianos
Microorganisms in industries such as food, cosmetics, or agriculture have been used for several years in various applications such as fermentation starters, nutritional supplements, probiotics, or biocontrol agents. These applications require that the microorganisms are stabilized, so that they remain viable, minimizing their evolution or degradation. We’ll tell you about the most important aspects to […]
chemical laboratory
“Chemicals are ubiquitous in our daily lives and play a crucial role in most of our activities. They are part of virtually all the products we use for our well-being and to protect our health and safety, and of the innovative solutions to address new challenges. With these words, the European Commission launches its reasons […]
secado atomización
The current situation of rising energy prices is a problem for industries across all sectors. Not only the increase in price itself but also the difficulty in forecasting these prices in the medium term. This directly influences process costs and generally, the additional cost cannot be directly passed on to the final product price. Selecting […]
Microencapsulation technique
Microencapsulation has broadly demonstrated its value for numerous and diverse industrial applications. In the article, we analyse four advanced microencapsulation techniques and explain why we consider that in the context of the coming years they will have an increasing interest in food and beverages, cosmetics, and pharmacy for product innovation. Microencapsulation involves a process in […]
Wastewater Treatment - Purification
Water is a public good, belonging to everyone and for everyone. The importance of water as an essential resource for the development and survival of living beings is beyond debate, making it an increasingly scarce and depleted resource, as well as unequally distributed, as can be seen in areas affected by water stress, which are […]
The reliance on fossil sources and the amount of raw materials required for obtaining value-added ingredients for the food, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical industries necessitates the search for more sustainable alternatives. Industrial biotechnology positions itself as one of the solutions due to its sustainable approach and productive efficiency. Within this discipline, Biorefineries are emerging, a practice […]
soluciones tecnológicas para reducir la contaminación ambiental
The importance of comprehensive water management in the industry has been extensively analysed in recent years, whether in technological, hygienic-sanitary, environmental, social, or economic terms. Within this significance, the role of technology in the treatment of wastewater as a means to grant water a second useful life (or extend its lifecycle) is beyond doubt. We […]
The set of microorganisms inhabiting the gastrointestinal system (colonic microbiota), the study of how foods contribute to our health through interaction with the genome (nutrigenomics), and the study of biological rhythms (chronobiology) are three of the key elements of precision nutrition. To learn about the latest scientific advances regarding the importance of nutrition on health, […]
sustainable agricultural practices
The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have generated the highest consensus in society regarding their relevance for the future of the planet. This situation holds as much or more power than a legal requirement. In the case of our sector, there are numerous connections between the SDGs and agricultural activity. We discuss some of the most […]
food market research
Food safety is a key factor in building consumer confidence in a brand or product. What aspects are most relevant to consumers when considering a product as safe? What packaging elements are key factors for consumers seeking safety? Is the current consumer informed and educated about food safety regarding what they purchase and/or consume? In […]
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