Improving animal or plant health is critical to improving profit margins.

Part of the losses in the primary sector are associated with bacterial diseases in crops and animals. These are controlled by the use of chemically synthesised pesticides in the case of plants and antibiotics in the case of animals. However, these traditional solutions are limited by a number of factors, such as antimicrobial resistance and ‘one health’ schemes. There is a need to reduce the use of chemically synthesised pesticides and to comply with maximum limit requirements in food, or the absence of effective treatments in some cases.

Strengthening crops and animals through the use of health-enhancing substances can help improve yields and competitiveness.

At AINIA we give you value

  • Development of active ingredients for plant and animal health

  • Metagenomic analysis of crop and livestock environments

  • Enhancing the active ingredients with microencapsulation techniques to improve their preservation and enhance their efficacy.

Improvement of plant and animal health

We define various strategies to enhance crop and animal health and to improve yields.

  • The extraction of specific compounds from plant samples

  • Production of micro-organisms with biostimulant and antagonist activity (studying fermentative processes and genetic modifications where required)

  • Bacteriophage virus isolation

  • Metagenomic studies of soil microbiota

  • Biosynthesis of antimicrobial substances, such as endolysins or bacteriocins

  • Development of specific probiotic and antimicrobial ingredients for use in animal feeds

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Paloma Juárez
Industrial Biotechnology

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