To increase the percentages of product under microbiological quality inspection and to shorten the time it takes to obtain the results.

The microbiological quality of food has a direct impact on its safety, shelf life and consumer acceptance. The usual analytical methods for such assessments have a number of limitations because they rely on limited sample controls and are labour-intensive and time-consuming. In positive release systems, the produced batches are stopped until the result is obtained, which leads to additional costs and a significant decrease in the shelf life of perishable products.

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Quick detection of microbiological contamination

We develop technological tools that help companies in the agri-food sector to strengthen their food safety self-monitoring programmes. Inspection techniques for microbiological control such as hyperspectral vision and biosensors.

We use solutions based on hyperspectral vision to strengthen the on-line control of food safety, as it allows for the microbiological characterisation of products during the transformation processes.

On the other hand, we design solutions for off-line control based on biosensors, with which we can detect microbiological risks in various foodstuffs.

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Ricardo Diaz
Head of Intelligent Automation Department

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