Importance of having access to information concerning markets of potential interest to the client

Lack of knowledge within your company’s environment regarding potential market movements and/or potential risks for your business (technology watch, new patents, factors influencing raw materials, competitor movements, new product launches, etc.).

At AINIA we give you value

  • Environment monitoring solutions to improve the productivity of the people responsible for these tasks

  • Centralisation of key business information in a single system

  • Creation of key indicators for monitoring the environment, thus reducing risk in decision-making and directing projects/investments on the basis of market realities

  • Collaborative platform for sharing information and knowledge throughout the organisation. Encourages open innovation in the company by reducing time to market

Solutions for environmental monitoring and Opportunity Identification

Our business intelligence solution focuses on monitoring the company’s competitive environment. To do this, a set of information sources is selected based on the company’s business strategy. These sources are then monitored for insights that allow the company to guide its decision making.

The solution is customisable and flexible, and functionalities can be added to address different areas of surveillance: technology, products, raw materials, markets…

he technological solution in cloud format. The platform is accessed via the internet and does not require the purchase of servers or software installations on the company’s own servers. It requires no additional investment beyond the purchase of the licence.

In terms of functionalities:

  • Database of (more than 1000) specialised information sources in the food and beverage sector. Tracking of information sources for filtering, selection and classification of relevant customised information for a company.

  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. intelligent and automatic interpretation of data and generation of key monitoring indicators.

  • Collaborative area where company personnel involved in the innovation process can share information and knowledge. It also enables the management of monitoring and innovation projects.

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David Martinez-Simarro
Head of the Department Information and Communication Technologies

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