Plant Based Foods

Incorporating plant-based ingredients or developing animal product analogues to meet the demands of increasingly health and sustainability-conscious consumers.

By the year 2050, the world population is expected to increase by 34% which will lead to an increased global demand for products that substitute traditional animal based products. Therefore, we must ensure this future supply by developing new ingredients and alternative, more sustainable foods.

This challenge is currently seen as the main driver of innovation in the agri-food sector. The generation of new food structures capable of replicating or resembling the sensory and nutritional characteristics of standard products (of animal origin) requires extensive research, innovation and development efforts. On the one hand, this effort focuses on modifying the structural, nutritional and sensory properties of the basic plant ingredients. On the other hand, it also creates new food structures from these ingredients by applying and gaining knowledge of different technological strategies (fermentation, extrusion, TVP, HMPEC extrusion, emulsion, etc.).

At AINIA we give you value

  • The creation of new food structures by applying innovative technological strategies (extrusion technology, fermentation processes, generation of new emulsions, etc.)
  • The development of new plant-based products with improved organoleptic and nutritional properties.
  • Advanced technologies to design and develop new ingredients
  • The extraction of value-added compounds from plant matrices
  • Improved organoleptic, techno-functional and/or nutritional properties of new ingredients by applying innovative technological strategies (fermentation, enzymatic processes, extrusion, etc.)

Plant Based Foods

Our R&D team develops innovative product concepts based on plant-based ingredients. We then apply new technological strategies and processes (fermentation, TVP extrusion, HMEC extrusion, emulsion, etc.) in order to develop new food structures with differential properties. In this process we contribute our expertise in technological development, and product rheology and structure. We also examine how each ingredient affects the final product’s sensory and physical-chemical properties. In this sense, we can also provide solutions based on Artificial Intelligence to develop new products.

We design and characterise plant ingredients in order to select them correctly, taking into account the food to be incorporated or developed. To achieve this, we employ all our experience and methodologies to characterise not only the nutritional value of the ingredient, but also its technological and behavioural properties and its potential health effects on the human body.

We design and apply innovative ingredient functionalisation processes (biotechnological strategies, extrusion technology…) geared towards modifying the properties of ingredients. For example, we use extrusion technology or apply enzymes to increase an ingredient’s protein digestibility. Likewise, we ferment protein substrates to improve the aromatic and sensory properties of an ingredient.

In addition, we use extrusion technologies (TVP and HMEC) to texturise plant-based proteins and generate new meat analogues.

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Beatriz Pérez
Product and Process Technologies

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