Ingredientes bioactivos

Innovate with your production processes. Plant-based foods and products based on protein alternatives

There is a continuous evolution in the development of new processes for obtaining and adapting bioactive ingredients and compounds for use in foodstuffs. As plant-based foods and products based on alternative proteins enter the market, they are combined with the already considerable presence of functional foods. This trend promotes the development of efficient, safe and sustainable technologies such as the extraction, separation or recovery, concentration, purification and adaptation of a myriad of bioactive ingredients and compounds.

Foods are considered healthy if their ingredients are technologically and functionally suitable. These characteristics depend on how these ingredients are obtained and adapted to the food. Likewise, the environmental footprint of the final food is affected by the efficient use of resources and the pollution generated during the ingredients’ production process. Therefore, there is a demand for new processes that are not only more efficient but also more sustainable.

At AINIA we give you value

  • Multidisciplinary team

  • Pilot equipment for extractive technologies

  • Industrial biotechnology pilot plant

  • Technologies to condition raw materials and composites

  • Production of cell cultures

  • Pilot extrusion plant

  • In-vitro dynamic digester

Bioactive ingredients/Compounds

Development of new processes for obtaining and adapting bioactive ingredients and compounds for their use in healthy and sustainable foods. R&D projects may vary in scope from project to project, covering different activities such as:

  • Selection and isolation of naturally occurring micro-organisms capable of producing the target compounds.

  • Selection of cell lines for biosynthesis of target compounds.

  • Development of target compound biosynthesis processes using micro-organisms and/or cell lines.

  • Selection and isolation of micro-organisms, and/or selection of enzymes to enzymatically transform substrates (plants, agro-food by-products, insects, algae, etc.) by means of biocatalysis processes.

  • Extraction, concentration, purification and fractionation processes to recover the desired compounds by applying different extractive and separation technologies.

  • Identification and tracking of compounds using omics technologies.

  • Application of processes to stabilise and/or condition the bioactive ingredients or generated compounds.

  • Analytical characterisation of the ingredients produced: physical-chemical, nutritional and technological characterisation.

  • Assessment of bioaccessibility and/or bioavailability of bioactive compounds.

  • Evaluation through pre-clinical trials of health properties.

  • Assessment of the applicability of new ingredients in model food systems.

  • Assessment of the regulatory framework applicable to ingredients.

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Encarna Gómez
Market Director

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