We determine the gas permeability of both film samples and complete containers (trays, bottles, etc.)

The rate of gas transmission through films or packaging (O2TR, WVTR), will play a determining factor in the product’s evolution after packaging

In order to achieve an adequate shelf life, it is essential to characterise the gas barrier properties of materials used in the packaging of food or other perishable products. The selection of packaging materials is based on the characteristics of the food to be packaged, so it is essential to consider whether the entry of ambient gas into the container will cause the food to deteriorate In cases where modified atmosphere packaging is used, the gas composition established during the packaging process must not be substantially altered during the product shelf life and any gas exchange must be limited.

Permeation tests can be used to determine the barrier capacity of film samples or complete containers (trays, bottles, etc.) to various gases.

Measuring the oxygen transmission rate (O2TR) or water vapour transmission rate (WVTR) enables manufacturers or material users:

  • To verify the material characteristics and to evaluate the effects of Temperature and % Relative Humidity parameters

  • Realizar el control de calidad del film/envase a la salida de fábrica, así como el seguimiento a lo largo de la vida útil del material de envase

  • Assess the drop in barrier properties when the material is thermoformed or subjected to thermal processes, such as pasteurisation or sterilisation

  • To know exactly how much oxygen or water vapour will pass through the package, an aspect that will reduce the packaged food’s shelf life

  • To compare the performance of new materials compared to commonly used materials (e.g. more sustainable alternatives to existing packaging systems)

At AINIA we give you value

  • Our team of experts is fully qualified and equipped with the latest technologies to perform these permeability tests, both on film samples and on packaging samples (preforms, blow moulded, thermoformed, etc.), in water vapour and in gases such as oxygen.
  • We are specialists in analysing the interaction between the product and the packaging. We assess the suitability of each package according to the product it contains. We ensure and monitor the safety of the packaging. We have more than 20 years of experience in this field.
  • Our technical staff is highly qualified and provides personalised advice according to the needs of each client. Furthermore, we keep the company informed of the latest regulatory and market trends. Our team has extensive experience in the field of food contact materials. This includes participation in standardisation committee meetings, reference laboratory forums on food contact materials, and training on food contact materials through customised courses. In addition, we offer courses to train health inspectors, such as BTFS “Best Training for Safer Food” or TAIEX “Technical Assistance Information Exchange Office”.
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The service

Our solutions include:

  • Advice on the applicable regulations for measuring the rate of oxygen and water vapour transmission, as well as the review of the equivalence between regulations

  • Selection of test conditions affecting the results (temperature, % relative humidity, format, film thickness, etc.)

  • Recommendations depending on the intended use of the material (food, thermoforming, storage conditions, heat treatments…)

  • Analyses are performed using the best techniques, combining criteria of high reliability, costs and deadlines adapted to our clients’ needs

  • Results are delivered through secure and accessible platforms, based on the most advanced information and communication technologies

  • Consultation to ensure the correct interpretation of the obtained results

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Carmen Calatayud
Head of Food Contact Materials Laboratory

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