Estudio resistencia envases

Reducing the costs and environmental impact associated with packaging without sacrificing advanced features

To ensure optimised packaging, both in terms of the process and the materials used, in order to meet the Sustainable Development Goals (2030) and to save costs associated with packaging.

Improve consumer perception and brand distribution.

Verify the stability of a product or process development in its initial stages by testing it against specific micro-organisms of risk, both in terms of food safety and commercial quality.

At AINIA we give you value

  • Reduction of costs associated with packaging material

  • Optimising packaging processes

  • Incorporation of recycled materials

  • Improving brand image

Resistant packaging study

A study of the packaging production process, design and material used. A study of the logistical processes to optimise packaging design in order to make it more sustainable, guarantee its quality/structure throughout the logistical process and reduce costs for the company.

For packaging design we use CAD-capable software for design and CAE to analyse the transformation processes and the packaging’s performance under the stresses of use or distribution. We simulate the stresses, processes (ISBM, EBM, Thermoforming), and grouping of containers and packaging.

With these tools we are able to optimise:

  • Use of primary, secondary and tertiary packaging materials

  • Warehouse space

  • Transport costs

  • This will reduce waste due to defective products with dents, collapse due to stacking resistance failures, vacuum collapse, undesired deformations during use, breakage due to impacts or falls, production problems…

On the other hand, our software allows us to create different designs to generate thermoformed packaging prototypes and measure their thickness distribution.

We can measure the cost savings and environmental impact of packaging by comparing current packaging with optimised versions

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Pedro Zomeño
Packaging Technologies

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