24h crisis

When faced with a food alert, you have to make quick decisions in order to maintain maximum control and avoid serious problems for the company.

Food alerts and crises require a rapid and coordinated response from the companies and institutions that are directly and indirectly involved. The most important thing in these situations is to have the maximum amount of available information in the shortest possible time.

Food companies require agile technical support in order to have the maximum amount of available information. They must be capable of providing a rapid response with maximum scientific and technical guarantees.

At AINIA we give you value

  • Team of technical experts in the different disciplines related to food safety.

  • Database with the available scientific and technical information, so that the team has an optimum level of information regarding the specific event.

  • Special analytical infrastructure to respond to urgent cases.

  • Parameters and analytical methods included, with urgent delivery times for rapid response

24h alert system Crisis management

A professional team assesses the situation and provides accurate technical information about the alert. This allows your company to make the best decisions about immobilising the product, communicating the incident to those affected and adopting the necessary corrective measures.

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Roberto Ortuño
Food Safety Manager

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