Ensure the safety of your food products

Food operators must guarantee and improve the safety of food products. One of the key factors in achieving this objective is to carry out an analysis of the hazards associated with the process. This analysis is based on scientific and technical knowledge of the process, the product and the possible hazards for the consumer, both potential and emerging.

Currently, there are several continuously updated standards related to food safety management, such as the requirements related to HACCP food hygiene (regulation 852/2004) and the quality and food safety requirements established by large retailers and major brands to be their suppliers or by their own choice.

At AINIA we give you value

  • Extensive experience in different food sectors, including: meat, ready meals, pre-prepared and pre-cooked convenience food, fishery products, catering, nuts, fruit and vegetables, condiments, additives, confectionery, bakery and pastries, water and soft drinks, wine cellars, oils and fats, honey, pickled products. Also in related sectors (packaging, transport, distribution)

  • Transversality with technical areas for more specific knowledge

HACCP, BRC, IFS Consulting

We provide the necessary support to design and implement quality and/or food safety management systems:

  • Conducting an initial diagnosis of the quality and/or food safety system in order to know the starting point and offer suggestions for improvement .In a subsequent phase, providing assistance to continue with the system’s implementation

  • Implementation, with continuous and scheduled visits (face-to-face and videoconference) from our technicians to collaborate with the client in designing and documenting the quality and/or food safety management system. Assistance in the preparation of the necessary manual, procedures and records

  • Auditing of the food safety management system, to ensure proper adaptation and compliance with requirements. The report covers deviations and improvement opportunities and provides valuable information for decision making

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Vicenta Perez
Food Quality and Safety Consultant

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