Alimentos fermentados

To design new fermented products with advanced properties that meet consumer demand.

Consumer demand for healthy and naturally sourced foods increases the possibilities for fermentation processes. The use of naturally sourced raw materials and the appropriate design of fermentation processes can yield ingredients with advanced (functional) properties or products that are alternatives to animal-based products (alternative proteins).

In addition, the optimisation of traditional processes can lead to improved efficiency and innovative food production.

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We design fermentation processes where we control the raw materials, the starter culture of the fermentation process and the operating conditions in order to homogenise the different production batches. We can produce customised starters for specific fermentation processes.

Our experience with traditional fermentation processes in food design and development also allows us to work on the organoleptic characteristics of the innovative fermented products we want to obtain. We define textures, flavors, and aromas for the final product, thereby catering to the tastes of the consumer.

Our experts have advanced knowledge and expertise in genetic modification tools which enables us to modify an organism’s genome for a variety of purposes. One of these may be the production of recombinant proteins leading to bioactive ingredients.

In addition, we develop fermentation processes that produce microorganism biomass that can be used as food or as an ingredient.

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Ana Torrejón
Industrial Biotechnology

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