Avoiding emerging risks to prevent food alerts or crises

Food companies are required to ensure the safety of the food they place on the market. However, new risk factors (microbiological, chemical) may appear which could lead to a food crisis if not dealt with in time. If this were to happen, it would result in brand detriment and consumer distrust.

At AINIA we give you value

  • Proactive identification of Emerging Risks

  • The prevention of food alerts

  • Integrated emerging risk identification in your systems


Collaborative platform for detecting and analysing emerging risks based on a combination of web-based information monitoring technologies, horizon scanning methodologies, scenario development (foresight) and semantic data mining techniques.
These technologies allow:

  • Acquiring important signals from various information sources relevant to Food Security

  • Filtering and classification of the captured signals according to the company’s interests

  • Estimating the potential scenarios in which the company may be involved in the short/medium and/or long term.

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David Martinez
Head of the Department Information and Communication Technologies

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