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Ensure the legal viability of your products

The production and marketing of foods are subject to a significant number of legal provisions in the European Union and Spain, which establish specific composition and labelling requirements, among other aspects, for these products.

In this context, in order to ensure that their products are legally viable and safe to market, food operators are responsible for verifying that their products and accompanying food information comply with the law, both in their relations with other operators and with final consumers.

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AINIA’s Food Law Department has a team of lawyers and food safety consultants with extensive knowledge and experience in the food sector. They provide specialised legal advice on all issues affecting the marketing and commercialisation of food products.

Food law

  • Identifying the applicable legal framework for foods: food for everyday use, food supplements, fortified foods, foods for special medical purposes, baby foods, organic foods, foods subject to differentiated quality schemes, novel foods

  • Legal review of the ingredients of foods: raw materials, additives, flavourings, processing aids

  • Legal review of food information: supporting documents, labelling, advertising of food by any means, including technological tools

  • Legal advice in the framework of corporate complaints: analysis of possible food recalls of foodstuffs with different types of irregularities affecting their safety

  • Legal advice on drafting and negotiating contracts related to the food industry

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Fátima Aragonés
Consulting manager. Food Law.

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