Caracterización de materiales

We fully characterise any multilayer films that you may need. To do this, we determine the number of layers and the material and thickness of each

Multi-layer film characterisation addresses the following needs:

  • To identify the composition of unknown samples

  • To verify that all specifications, regulations and legislation have been met

  • To control production upon leaving the factory

  • To control any changes that the material undergoes during thermoforming or thermal food processes (pasteurisation, sterilisation)

This type of characterisation allows us to meet the needs of plastic material manufacturers and packagers of different types of products, both food and non-food (pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, etc.)

At AINIA we give you value

We are specialists in analysing the interaction between the product and the packaging. We assess the suitability of each package according to the product it contains. We ensure and monitor the safety of the packaging. We have over 20 years of experience in this field. Our technical staff is highly qualified and provides personalised advice according to the needs of each client. Furthermore, we keep the company informed of the latest regulatory and market trends. Our team has extensive experience in the field of food contact materials. This includes participation in standardisation committee meetings, reference laboratory forums on food contact materials, and training on food contact materials through customised courses. In addition, we offer courses to train health inspectors, such as BTFS “Best Training for Safer Food” or TAIEX “Technical Assistance Information Exchange Office”. Consult the scope of accreditation in: ENAC Accreditations AINIA laboratories

Characterisation of materials

The characterisation of the packaging material structure is based on the following tests:

  • Determining the number of layers that make up the material and measuring both the total thickness and the thickness of the individual layers by microscopy

  • Identifying the outer layers that make up the material by means of Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrophotometry (FTI)

  • Thermal analysis by differential scanning calorimetry to determine the thermal transitions taking place in the polymer (endothermic and exothermic processes)

  • The material structure is determined from the tests carried out. By combining the above techniques, it is possible to determine the material structure and the thickness of the layers that make up the multilayer material

The final report includes the partial results of each test and observation as well as the film characterization that was derived from them as a conclusion.

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Carmen Calatayud
Head of Food Contact Materials Laboratory

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