The management of by-products and waste is an expense for companies. There is at the same time a growing interest in renewable energy sources.

The generation of organic waste and by-products involves proper management which in many cases implies little revenue or even cost. Moreover, from an environmental perspective, it can have a negative impact on the company’s brand image.

However, the evolution towards a more circular economy where resources are used and made profitable offers new opportunities for the use of by-products and organic waste. This includes generating renewable energy that brings economic and environmental value to the company.

At AINIA we give you value

  • We develop new efficient and sustainable processes for biogas and biomethane production from organic waste.

  • We diversify the applications of anaerobic digestion to biorefinery models.

  • We have the experience and pilot infrastructures to test new anaerobic digestion and digestate treatment processes.

  • Study of new substrates and pre-treatment of raw materials

  • Technical and economic feasibility studies and support for industrial projects (due diligence, etc.)

Biogas and Biomethane

  • Substrate pre-treatments to improve their biodegradability
  • Anaerobic (co)digestion technologies (wet or dry, meso- or thermophilic, dark fermentation, multiphase, etc.)
  • Technologies for upgrading from biogas to biomethane (renewable natural gas)
  • Anaerobic digestion and the post-treatment and agronomic management of plant digestate.
  • Two-phase digestion and dark fermentation: biohydrogen and VFAs
  • Recovery and bioconversion of VFAs
  • Bioconversion of gases (CH4/CO2) to high value-added bioproducts

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