We guarantee the effectiveness of your products

As manufacturers of antimicrobial actives, products, materials and technologies, third party validation is necessary as a sales proposition and to guarantee the product’s efficacy.

At AINIA we give you value

  • Independent assessment of the antimicrobial activity of a given active ingredient, product, material or technology

  • Acknowledgement in the target sector of the specific products, materials and technologies

  • We test using a standardised protocol that allows us to compare different alternatives or by means of customised tests according to the specific technology being assessed

  • More than 30 years of experience and a team with in-depth knowledge of pathogen behaviour and ecology in the food and cosmetics industry environment

  • Specific knowledge of Biofilms, essential for the microbiological safety of companies

  • We provide solutions and proposals for improvement in terms of product or technology, not just in the test itself

Viricidal, bactericidal and fungicidal efficacy

We assess the antimicrobial activity of an active substance, product, material or technology. The service consists of subjecting the active ingredient, product, material or technology to the target micro-organisms, at known and controlled concentrations. We then assess the extent to which we can reduce the concentration of the target micro-organisms (bactericidal or biocidal activity) or inhibit their growth (bacteriostatic activity).

  • Initial review of the asset/product/material/technology, to define the working methodology. Selection of target micro-organisms, in agreement with the company

  • Definition of the experimental methodology (microorganisms, inoculum and biocide product concentrations, technology operating parameters, etc.) and conducting the tests (at AINIA’s facilities or at the client’s)

  • Analysis and interpretation of results and evaluation of conclusions, in direct communication with the company throughout the stages of the test.

  • For actives or products, the minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) can also be determined, which is the lowest concentration of substance that exerts an antimicrobial effect against a given micro-organism

  • Development of assessment methodologies against microbial biofilms, simulating the most critical contamination conditions in industry

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Sonia Porta
Applied microbiology

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