The microbiological quality of food has a direct impact on its shelf life and consumer acceptance.

The usual analytical methods for such determinations are limited in several respects because they are based on limited sample controls and are complex and time-consuming. This means that the produced batches have to be stopped until results are obtained. This leads to additional costs and a critical decrease in the shelf life of perishable products such as meat and vegetables. For this reason, microbiological quality parameter detection systems are in great demand. On the one hand, they allow for a higher percentage of production to be controlled and, on the other hand, they reduce the time it takes to obtain the results.

At AINIA we give you value

  • Reduced analysis times

  • Increased accuracy in the detection of risk micro-organisms

  • Lower investment in analytical equipment

Development and validation of rapid detection techniques (offline)

We combine our microbiological expertise with innovation regarding inspection techniques for microbiological control. We develop off-line inspection solutions as an alternative to the microbiological analyses carried out in the company’s own laboratories or in external laboratories.

In general, product control plans are developed to assess the overall microbiological quality of a given food. They include indicators such as mesophilic aerobic micro-organism and enterobacteria counts.

We strengthen off-line food safety control through research in diagnostic systems based on biosensor technology to detect microbiological risks in food. We use acoustic biosensors (or acoustic wave sensors) to measure changes in the physical properties of an acoustic wave in response to the analyte (analysed compound). Acoustic biosensors are an interesting alternative to conventional analytical methods in the agri-food sector due to their high sensitivity, rapid detection and low cost, while avoiding complex sample pre-treatment. Biosensors that we apply to the control of pathogens in various food matrix samples.

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Begoña Ruiz
Head of Biotechnology Department

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