Caracterización química

The chemical characterization of your products ensures food safety and compliance with specifications and legal requirements

The main goals of chemical characterization are:

  • Specifications and technical data sheet drafting

  • Quality assurance, by verifying that raw materials or products comply with specifications

  • The nutritional characterisation of the product

  • Verification that legal requirements have been met

  • Food safety monitoring

  • Analysis and study of possible irregularities such as adulterations, falsifications, etc.

  • They can also be used as a tool for shelf-life studies.

Food chemical characterisation requires different types of analytical techniques and the necessary human and material resources (personnel, training, equipment, etc.) to implement them. At AINIA we can provide you with the necessary support for your food chemical characterisation needs.

At AINIA we give you value

  • Accredited in the Accreditation Programme “Nutritional Information Testing ” (NT-70.01). Mandatory nutritional information testing for foods according to EC Regulation 1169/2011 (Energy value, Fats, Saturated fatty acids, Carbohydrates, Sugars, Protein, Salt)
  • Quick response, deadlines adapted to our clients’ needs
  • Consultation to optimise control plans and to interpret the final results
    • Waste product analysis (wastewater, sludge, biogas)
    • Verification that specifications are in accordance with standards (Pharmacopoeia, OIV, etc.) We also deal with the chemical characterisation of non-food samples such as:
Consult accreditation in: ENAC accreditations AINIA laboratories

Chemical characterisation

Our solutions include:

  • Consultancy when designing control plans that should include checking the nutritional characteristics of products

  • Providing support in managing the logistics of samples in order to adapt the conditions of collection, conditioning, transport and reception of samples

  • Analyses are performed using the most appropriate techniques, combining criteria of high reliability, costs and deadlines adapted to our clients’ needs.

  • Results are delivered through secure and accessible platforms, based on the most advanced information and communication technologies

  • Consultation to ensure the correct interpretation of the obtained results

Some of our most important services in the field of chemical characterisation of foods include the following:

  • Oils and fats (Acidity, UV absorption, peroxide value, p-anisidine value, etc.)

  • Spices (ethereal extract, ASTA colour, acid insoluble ash, pungent power, etc.)

  • Vegetable products, infusions (essential oils, acidity, brix degrees, alcohol insoluble solids, etc.)

  • Stability and freshness parameters (Peroxide value, oxidation stability of oils (RANCIMAT) and food (OXITEST), secondary aldehydes (hexanal, pentanal, etc.), T-BARS index, volatile basic nitrogen, histamine, etc.)

  • Alcohols (methanol, ethanol, glycerol, etc.)

  • Anions (chlorides, fluorides, bromides, sulphates, nitrates, nitrites, etc.)

  • Sugars and polyols (fructose, glucose, sorbitol, etc.)

  • Stimulant products (caffeine, theobromine, etc.)

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Vicente Carbonell
Head of Chemistry Laboratory

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