Packaging, packaging waste and materials

The composition of food contact materials is very specifically regulated for some materials and not yet developed for others. For companies operating in this sector, this gap in regulatory development creates the need for specialised legal advice to determine which legal requirements apply to their products.

As regards packaging and packaging waste, the applicable legislation has a direct impact on the activity of food businesses. It imposes restrictions on the use of certain materials, and also establishes collection and management obligations through a system of extended responsibility.

At AINIA we give you value

AINIA offers a comprehensive legal and technical advice service to respond to the needs of companies that market materials in contact with food. We also provide assistance to operators with their legal obligations regarding the management of packaging waste.

Legal consultation on materials that come in contact with foods, packaging, and packaging waste.

  • Identifying the regulatory framework and legal requirements for food contact materials

  • Legal review of food contact material formulation

  • Legal review of compliance declarations for food contact materials

  • Identifying the regulatory framework and legal requirements for packaging and packaging waste

  • Identifying operators’ legal obligations regarding the management of their packaging waste

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Fátima Aragonés
Consulting manager. Food Law.

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