Main challenges and areas of intervention

  • Food quality and security

  • Innovative products and ingredients for the food of the future

  • More efficient production processes (Industry 4.0, use of by-products…)

  • More sustainable business models

  • Understanding market and consumer demand

Our solutions

Our innovative solutions encompass the entire process, ranging from the search for information to market research, all the way through to testing the product with consumers
  • Systems for predicting and managing food safety risks. Accredited laboratories for compliance with legal requirements
  • Finding new sources of ingredients and designing more sustainable and healthier products
  • Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to optimise production processes
  • Biorefineries for the utilisation and recovery of by-products and wastes
  • Market outlook and foresight

Food security

Our accredited laboratories have extensive knowledge of the (international) target markets.
  • Solution for in-line container sealing control.
  • Microbiological risk prediction
  • Hygienic facility design

Healthy food, Industry 4.0 and biorefineries

  • We have a system to study the functionality of ingredients of our own design (in vitro dynamic digester) and we have a new cell laboratory and a 3D printer for cell lines.
  • Systems to monitor agronomic parameters through precision farming
  • Systems that optimise the production and launch of new products
  • Systems that combine various technological solutions to achieve circularity and utilise by-products/wastes

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Encarna Gómez
Market Director

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