Seguridad Alimentaria

The high internal and external factors in the industry make it increasingly more complex to guarantee 100% food safety.

Despite the implementation of HACCP, contamination and quality changes continue to occur in the food industry. Throughout the production process, there are multiple influencing factors, such as the origin of raw materials, sanitisation protocols or the practices carried out by workers, among others. This is compounded by the difficulty in modelling processes and the little or no use of historical production data that hides large amounts of information.

When faced with such an amalgam of difficulties, it is easy for risks or contamination of products to arise.

At AINIA we give you value

  • We develop customised predictive models of process and product behaviour.

  • We create diagnostic, predictive and simulation algorithms for production scenarios.

  • We provide Artificial Intelligence tools that simplify decision making.

Digital and computational systems for food safety management

We analyse the process and product as well as the data and information systems available in a company. With this information, we develop behavioural models of the production process and products. In addition, we define mixed models which allow us to take into account the effect that process variables have on the product and vice versa.

Specifically for each company, we create diagnostic algorithms to determine the causes and effects in the production process, and predictive algorithms for product quality and safety, and to simulate possible production scenarios.

We integrate these algorithms and models into a single system that, when integrated into the company’s existing systems, can predict and manage food safety risks.

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Juan Pablo Lázaro
Information and Communications Technologies

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