The consumer as a key factor in defining business strategy

Insights into the current market situation in terms of consumer habits and preferences, brand positioning and new product launches enable us to anticipate future consumer scenarios.

Through the use of different methodologies and tools we can anticipate and identify new business opportunities.

At AINIA we give you value

  • We research customers and potential customers, brands, product categories and sectors, from a holistic perspective and in alignment with market trends

  • Broad, evolutionary view of the target market situation

  • An understanding of the current industrial environment and the choices its consumers make

Digital Consumer Observatory

From the current business network setup, the Digital Consumer Observatory allows us to analyse the market for a product category from the consumer’s perspective with product innovation, thus gaining access to the market drivers.

  • Sectoral studies provide an overview of one or more product categories

  • Customised market research allows the knowledge generated by the observatory to be enhanced with other complementary research techniques

The Observatory provides insight into the ideal characteristics that products in a category and their packaging should have according to consumer preferences. It also provides insight regarding consumer preferences according to what they have stated on social media about the target category.

We do this by analysing the current market context of a sector or category. We identify the competitive map of brands and companies in the category, as well as the most popular products. We also show the consumer geopositioning of a given product category in Spain.

AINIA Consumer Barometer

AINIA Consumer Barometer The food market from a consumer perspective – April 2021

AINIA launched its first annual consumer barometer, with the participation of a total of 3,238 consumers, in order to provide food companies with answers to many of their questions and to address relevant issues such as health and sustainability, packaging and innovation.

The report is free of charge for associated member companies of AINIA Network

Functional foods–What do they represent for consumers and what do consumers expect from them?


The Present and Future of Plant-based Beverages. What is the consumer’s opinion? (II)


Consumer Study: The Present and Future of Plant-based Beverages (II)

The Present and Future of Plant-based Beverages. What is the Consumer’s opinion? (I)

Consumer Study: The Present and Future of Plant-based Beverages

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Cristina Jodar
Head of Market Research

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