AINIA / 25 July 2016

DOMCA obtains a highly concentrated microencapsulated garlic extract, as a natural preservative for sauces

The Granada company DOMCA, associated with AINIA, has, with the collaboration of our specialists in this type of process, achieved the microencapsulation of garlic extract to naturally increase the shelf life of sauces.

The natural antimicrobial active ingredients of garlic, microencapsulated (protected), are added to the product as a natural ingredient. Due to this novel process of microencapsulation, a concentration of more than 20% of the active ingredients of garlic has been obtained in the microencapsulation.



Until now, the antimicrobial ingredients of garlic had been added, through simpler processes, in lower concentrations. The pilot tests have been carried out at the AINIA Technology Centre due to the development of a demonstration unit to scale and semi-industrial, developed with the equipment manufacturer Instalaciones Industriales Grau, also associated with AINIA. This equipment, with a microencapsulation capacity of around 1 Kg/hour, is the first step in developing industrial-scale productions. The project was supported by the Centre for Technological and Industrial Development (CDTI).


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