Main challenges and areas of intervention

  • Inproving the sector’s sustainability

  • Ensuring the efficacy of pharmaceutical products

  • Optimising production processes

  • Ensuring process hygiene

Our solutions

Life cycle, environmental footprint, eco-design of packaging

  • Life cycle assessment and environmental footprint study.
  • Water cycle management.
  • Eco-design of packaging and materials that come into contact with pharmaceuticals.

Ingredients, active compounds, cell cultures, …

  • Development of ingredients for pharmaceutical products.
  • Active compound extraction by means of supercritical fluids.
  • Microencapsulation of active ingredients.
  • In vitro testing in dynamic digester (bioaccessibility) and cell culture testing (bioavailability).
  • Testing in a dynamic colonic fermentation digester (microbiota modulation).
  • In vitro cellular systems to assess how health is affected.
  • Sensors to determine the product’s chemical composition.
  • Viricidal, bactericidal and virucidal efficiency studies.

Robotisation and artificial intelligence

  • Robotisation and process automation.
  • Predictive systems based on Artificial Intelligence.
  • Sensors to detect microbiological contamination.

Hygienic design, cleaning and disinfection

  • Hygienic design of facilities and equipment.
  • Personalised cleaning and disinfection processes.
  • Air and surface sanitation systems.

We set ourselves apart

  • Specific packaging development according to the individual requirements of the product.
  • Efficacy assessment using equipment of our own design that closely simulates the digestive process.
  • Good manufacturing practices in industrial supercritical extraction processes.
  • Key technologies used in the microencapsulation of active ingredients.

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Begoña Ruiz
Technology Director

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