In vitro

Obtain scientific evidence of the health effect of an ingredient, active ingredient or food

  • Bioaccesibility

  • Bioavailability

  • Modulation of gut microbiota

  • Antioxidant effect

  • Anti-inflammatory effect

  • Satiating effect

  • Ocular health

  • Muscular metabolism

  • Etc

At AINIA we give you value

  • In vitro studies replace the use of animals in experimentation (a point to be taken into account especially for the cosmetics and food sector, not to be mentioned in pharmaceuticals)

  • We design customised tests to evaluate any type of functionality

  • We can simulate different population groups (children, adults, seniors) / types of monogastric animals (pigs, dogs…)

  • Dynamic in vitro digestion equipment that provides greater representativity and reproducibility than in vivo or static in vitro tests

  • More than 10 years of experience in these proprietary in vitro systems

Testing in dynamic-colonic fermentation gastrointestinal digester (microbiota modulation)

Assessing gastrointestinal resistance, intestinal absorption and functionality of bioactive compounds as well as their ability to modulate the gut microbiota. These are all essential steps in the development of functional foods. The integrated system of the in vitro Dynamic Digester and cellular models allows us to study the gastrointestinal resistance of compounds contained in food, their intestinal absorption and their functional effect on target organs.

    Composed of five compartments: stomach, small intestine, and the three sections of the large intestine (ascending, transverse and descending colon). Similar to the previous one, it is computer-controlled and each compartment is subjected to the particular conditions of pH, enzyme secretion, etc. that apply to it. These trials last 1 month (7-11 days for the stabilisation of the microbiota with which we inoculate, and about 3 weeks for the trial itself), where we mainly study:

    • Changes in the gut microbiota, both at the level of viable microorganisms (classical microbiological counts) and at the level of metagenomics

    • Generation of specific secondary metabolites

    • Metabolomic studies (We outsource these)

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Elisa Gallego
In-vitro digestion

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