Identify the source of a product spoilage problem due to the presence of a micro-organism.

Micro-organisms (bacteria, fungi) can cause alterations in the food or cosmetic quality.

At AINIA we give you value

  • Extensive experience in the microbial ecology of food and cosmetics, as well as in microbiological characterisation techniques, including traditional microbiology, molecular biology and mass sequencing

  • We apply the most recent molecular techniques that allow greater safety and efficiency when identifying the specific micro-organism. This includes micro-organisms that cannot be cultivated or identified by traditional techniques.

  • More than 30 years of experience and a team with an in-depth knowledge of microorganism behaviour and ecology in the food and cosmetics industry

  • We provide solutions. Counselling and corrective action proposals regarding product or treatment technology

Diagnosis and alteration studies

  • To identify the micro-organism that caused a microbiological alteration or contamination and the operating conditions that may have led to this alteration. Additionally, to suggest actions for improvement

  • We thoroughly review on-site manufacturing conditions (raw materials, composition, etc.) that may have an influence on product contamination or alteration (processing steps, cleaning patterns, product flows…)

  • Depending on the type of alteration or contamination by pathogens and the information collected, we design and conduct a microbiological characterisation of the altered and unaltered samples to identify the micro-organism causing the alteration

  • We analyze the information. We draw conclusions identifying the possible origins of the contamination. We make improvement proposals to avoid or minimise contamination in the plant

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Sonia Porta
Applied microbiology

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