Envases y materiales sostenibles

New and more sustainable packaging designs and materials that respond to market demand and enhance brand image, while maintaining product safety

The new European policies related to the establishment of a circular economy address using more sustainable packaging materials. The European 2030 strategy incorporates the objectives to ensure that materials are recycled and recyclable. Consumers in turn are taking up this trend and are looking for more environmentally friendly packaging alternatives.

In the food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry, an increase in the use of more sustainable packaging materials is linked to maintaining the safety, shelf life and functional requirements (logistics and consumer use) of the products.

At AINIA we give you value

  • We develop materials from industrial by-products (bones, cereal and juice remains, cheese by-products, etc.)

  • We modify materials to obtain new characteristics that increase their economic value

  • We package the products and evaluate their shelf life. We adjust the properties of the materials. We study the potential environmental impacts (LCA) and the technical and economic feasibility of its implementation.

  • We assess the recyclability and compostability of materials and packaging

More sustainable packaging and packaging materials

We develop new packaging materials with sustainability, food safety and economic viability in mind. We are working on creating new plastic and cellulosic materials from natural sources that are easily recyclable.

Through advanced processes we are able to transform organic waste from the agri-food industry into biopolymers that can be used in packaging and other products. In addition, we have made progress in the use of other waste such as cellulose to create materials that can be used in more sustainable packaging.

The validation of these materials involves shelf-life studies, consumer opinion, legal aspects, ensuring the safety of the material and studying its technical and economic feasibility

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Concha Bosch
Packaging Technologies

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