Reduce lipid content in food products

Reducing the lipid content in food products (especially matrices rich in vegetable proteins) in order to obtain two different food products simultaneously. On the one hand, we can produce foods with a low fat content of even less than 1%. On the other hand, we can obtain quality natural oils and solvent-free fats, suitable for different uses (food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, etc.).

  • Interest in obtaining products rich in vegetable protein and low in fat content, even below 1%.

  • Interest in diversifying the products and maximising the possibilities by obtaining 2 useful fractions from the same raw material.

  • Interest in using an alternative technology to obtain solvent-free defatted products with added value

At AINIA we give you value

  • Defatted raw materials without organic solvents

  • Valuable natural fractions free of organic solvents sought after in high value-added applications and high-end products

  • No high temperatures in processes that generate off-flavours.

  • Absense of volatile organic auxiliary substances

  • Possibility of using raw materials post-extraction to obtain other products (other solvent extraction methods, other alternative uses)

Adapted solutions

Customised solutions are offered depending on the company’s starting and end points, which may contain some or all of the following stages:

  • Technological suitability study
    Experimental exploration to have real data that support or discard the hypothesis of the technology’s suitability for the proposed objective.

  • Process development/scaling: selection and adjustment of conditions for industrial baseline estimation
    Experimental study to narrow down the main variables involved related to raw material, process, etc. and may include tests with different sizes to study changes of scale within the pilot possibilities. Estimated processing costs

  • Industrial application: first industrial test
    Experimental study with tests aimed at contrasting the direct behaviour of the established conditions on an industrial scale with the similar conditions on a pilot scale. Afterwards, to adjust the main variables whose impact affects the economics of the process. Identification of processing costs for different batch sizes with the same specified quality

  • Industrial Batch Production Agreement
    Successive implementation of a particular production process in terms of process variables and associated economic conditions for the agreed batch size

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Jorge Berriatua
Supercritical Fluid Technologies-ALTEX

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