Obtain maximum benefit and market differentiation when developing a new ingredient.

In the face of expected population growth and limited natural resources, the continuation of current linear business and consumption models points to an unsustainable future. Moving towards circular models that maximise natural resource use is essential.

Obtaining or generating value-added compounds is one of the ways of generating value for the company by bringing differentiation to the business.

At AINIA we give you value

  • Obtaining differential market compounds.

  • Valorisation of low-cost raw materials.

  • Technical and economic feasibility.

  • Sustainable and low environmental impact solutions.

  • Industrial production

Obtaining value-added compounds

We obtain and generate value-added compounds with applications in the food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical sectors, in an efficient and sustainable way.

Supercritical and subcritical CO2 extraction technology allows the production of trace-free quality value-added compounds while complying with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs), which are required especially in the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry. Essential oils, pigments, flavourings and antioxidants are some examples.

On the other hand, biotechnology enables the generation of value-added compounds through the use of micro-organisms and appropriate cultivation conditions. Single Cell Proteins (SCP), building blocks, biomaterials, cosmetic ingredients and biofuels are some examples.

Generating new biomasses is an innovative way of creating useful compounds from waste or by-products of industry. Biomass is obtained from the cultivation of microalgae or lemna, which can be used to extract compounds such as dyes, omega-3 fatty acids or polysaccharides.

We provide final and industrial production solutions, always considering the technical-economic feasibility.

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Begoña Ruiz
Head of the Biotechnological Department

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