Sistemas no invasivos de detección de enfermedades

Early, non-invasive and accurate identification of pathologies in order to treat them at an earlier stage

In hospitals, different techniques are available for diagnosing pathologies in order to detect them as early as possible and to determine the most appropriate treatment. However, although the use of these early detection technologies is widespread, there are many diseases that could be diagnosed more accurately and less invasively.

This requires technologies that are adapted to the specific pathological conditions.

At AINIA we give you value

  • Design of solutions based on photonic technologies that provide real-time tissue information

  • We provide highly sensitive and accurate solutions, as well as rapid diagnostics to speed up treatments and increase their effectiveness

  • Design of robotic equipment for real-time in situ diagnostics

Non-invasive systems for disease detection

We have extensive experience in developing and applying photonic technologies to detect lesions and diseases in human tissues.

We develop ad-hoc solutions based on various photonic technologies integrated in robotic systems that allow fast and non-invasive measurement in the target areas. In this way we are able to characterise tissues (internal and external) and diagnose certain lesions or pathologies in situ.

These solutions are designed to achieve greater accuracy and avoid false positives. In addition, they provide greater accuracy in subsequent treatments such as surgical interventions.

When compared to current technologies, the equipment is smaller and lighter, and the processes are automated, which facilitates mobility.

In addition to diseases, these technologies make it possible to evaluate the efficacy of cosmetic products on skin tissue.

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Ricardo Diaz
Head of Intelligent Automation Department

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