Aprovechamiento subproductos

Manage your company’s by-products efficiently and profitably

The circular and sustainable economy concepts are already part of our lives. They have had a profound impact on both the social and industrial spheres.

Industries are increasingly concerned about caring for and conserving the environment. This inevitable paradigm change has led companies to seek added value from what, not so long ago, was considered to be waste. And in fact, there really is a hidden treasure beneath what until recently was considered to be waste, but how can it be recovered?

By identifying technologies and processes to obtain high added value bioproducts that can be applied in different industrial sectors, as well as their transformation into a source of energy and biofuels. This could represent an important competitive advantage for what, a priori, is considered to be a cost to the company.

At AINIA we give you value

  • Bioenergy and biofuel production

  • Culture media production

  • Bio-based chemical and building block production

  • Transforming lignocellulosic materials and biomasses to cellulose, nanocellulose and lignin for a variety of applications

  • Production of biomaterials and bioplastics

  • Obtaining biofertilisers

  • Bioactive compound extraction

  • Treatment of brine and cleaning water

Utilisation of by-products

We assist you in gaining performance from your by-products by redirecting the company’s vision towards implementing a circular economy-based strategy. By generating zero waste and zero landfill, you will be able to obtain an economic return on your investment. We turn cost into competitive advantage. We help you to valorise by-products in order to recover beneficial compounds, generate new ingredients and materials, as well as produce bioenergy and biofuels.

We have a wide range of technologies whose individual or synergistic combination will add value to your by-products:

  • Technologies for the extraction and purification of cellulose and for the production of nanocellulose and lignin

  • Supercritical fluid technology

  • Pressurised membrane technologies: micro-, ultra-, nanofiltration and reverse osmosis; electrical gradient membrane technologies: conventional electrodialysis, reverse ED, bipolar ED, metathesis ED; bioelectrochemical systems; membrane distillation, etc.

  • High-pressure technologies for the fractionation of lignocellulosic materials

  • Fermentation technologies for bioplastics and biofuels production

  • Anaerobic digestion technologies for biogas and biomethane production

  • Technologies for obtaining biofertilisers (from microalgae and lemna cultures to single cell protein)

  • Fermentation technologies to produce beneficial micro-organisms

Through the application of these and many other technologies, we are able to valorise by-products from the agro-industrial sector (fruit and vegetable, agricultural, sugar, breweries) and also from the meat, dairy and many other sectors. We can then obtain high added value compounds that contribute to improving the economy while simultaneously respecting and caring for the environment.

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