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Corporate social responsibility and sustainable development goals

We are increasingly committed to having a positive impact on the environment. We also want to improve relations among the different entities and contribute to society with actions designed to promote social well-being. Since 2018, AINIA has been a member of the United Nations Global Compact for sustainability. The Global Compact is a catalyst for companies and organisations in their efforts to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the most ambitious plan of action for people, planet and prosperity until 2030. By becoming a member of the Spanish Global Compact Network, we pledge to support the Ten Principles of the Global Compact. We are committed to disseminating and implementing these Principles within our sphere of influence. We carry out dissemination actions through events, project presentations, newsletters, social networks, etc.

R&D&I projects in line with sustainable development

R&D&I projects are also developed according to sustainability standards, from the moment the idea is conceived until the process is complete. Our approach is geared towards creating innovative solutions that are consistent with the Sustainable Development Goals. Nowadays, sustainable innovation is a key strategy that incorporates both concepts in the development of new technologies, new products, new packaging, etc.

The majority of our solutions are geared towards the circular economy in order to ensure more efficient and sustainable processes. These include reusing and saving water, biorefineries, bio-production, biodegradable packaging, finding new sources of protein to meet future food demand, and solutions to reduce food waste.


In 2020, the Spanish Global Compact Network and the Rafael del Pino Foundation awarded us the go!SDG 2020 recognition for the ECODHYBAT project for achieving Goal 6 (Clean water and sanitation).

With the participation of Calidad Pascual, Nueva Pescanova and the Association of Industry Equipment Manufacturers (AMEC), this project succeeded in demonstrating that the installation of hygienic eco-design equipment in the food industry can reduce water consumption by 30-40%, energy consumption by 10-20% and CO2 emissions by 20-30%.


Commitment to equality

AINIA’s commitment to equal opportunities is reflected in our Equality Plan. This Plan guarantees due respect based on the principle of equal treatment and opportunities by eliminating discrimination against women in the workplace and promoting equality between the sexes. With the seal “Fent Empresa. Iguals en Oportunitats“ (Creating Companies. Equal Opportunities) granted by the Vicepresident and Councillor for Equality and Inclusive Policies, AINIA upholds a firm commitment to equal opportunities between women and men. This can be seen through proactive actions in various areas such as employment access, training, internal promotion, reconciliation of family and professional life, work flexibility, communication methods, etc.

The current staff is made up of 60% women and 40% men.

In 2020 we received the EJE&CON award for Gender-Free Talent in the Institution category. This award, granted by the Spanish Association of Executives and Directors (EJE&CON), is in recognition of our policies regarding equal opportunities, talent recruitment and management, flexibility and work-life balance, and professional and personal well-being and development.

AINIA Healthy Company

In recent years, specific training initiatives and measures that promote and encourage people’s health have been introduced. A series of activities were launched in order to raise awareness of the importance of integrating healthy habits into our work and lives that will ultimately lead to improvements in our personal and environmental health. Among the activities carried out, the following were noteworthy:
  • Workshops on the development of good cardio-healthy habits, mindfulness and stress management, etc.
  • Establishment of a Cardioprotected Space, with an automatic defibrillator located in a visible and accessible area.
  • Risk prevention training.
  • Establishment and consolidation of the Corporate Medical Service.
  • Providing facilities and resources for sports and healthy habits initiatives.
  • The organisation of Health and Sustainability Week at the centre: fruit day, charity run, etc.
  • Risk Prevention Plan: each workstation undergoes a risk assessment, and a Health Surveillance protocol is applied and reviewed periodically as required.


Sustainability plays an important role in all the centre’s activities and projects. We respect the environment. That is why we take measures towards increasing our commitment to our natural surroundings while managing our resources more efficiently. Some of the measures taken include:

  • Optimise energy, paper and water consumption…

  • Appropriately manage laboratory and pilot plant wastes.

  • Promote recycling: installation of containers to collect plastic, paper, caps, batteries, oil…

Contribution to professional development and training

  • Student internships
  • Tours of the facilities for students of vocational training, baccalaureate or university degrees.
  • Participation in educational activities organised by other entities such as the Lafer Foundation and the University of Lebrija, the Polytechnic University of Valencia, EDEM Business School, and CRUZ ROJA, among others.

Ethics and transparency

  • Establishment of a Social Responsibility Management System through a programme that comprises various fields of action. One of these is to formalise the principles of good governance and transparency by incorporating a Criminal Compliance programme.
  • In the economic-financial area, the centre is managed according to a transparency and good corporate governance policy that focuses on sustainable growth. We have been part of the European Commission’s Transparency Register since 2016. This is a voluntary register in which our identification number is 042446620747-25.
  • Qualification and registration of AINIA in the Registry of Socially Responsible Valencian Entities (SIR Registry).
  • In accordance with the transparency law, our website shows the project and contract activities related to the different public administrations.

Social actions of solidarity

Since 2004, we have provided social aid to disadvantaged groups, both in our immediate area and in other countries.

We also collaborate nationally and on a regular basis with organisations such as CRUZ ROJA (the Red Cross), UNICEF and the Valencian Charity Association. Our staff organises and carries out campaigns to collect food, toys, books, or mobile phones for donations.

Internationally, we have participated in emergency aid actions in countries affected by natural disasters or food crises. We coordinated food shipments to areas such as Haiti and Bolivia, and developed projects in collaboration with various organisations, among others:

  • Sustainable management of organic waste and renewable energy production to provide energy self-sufficiency in disadvantaged areas of Peru. Project supported by the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation.

  • Collaborative project with other institutions to improve the quality and food security of the population in the Cusco Valley of Peru.

  • The School Feeding Project in collaboration with the Egyptian Ministry of Agriculture to improve school nutrition.

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