Eco diseño de envases

Main challenges and areas of intervention

  • More sustainable packaging

  • Maintain food security and safety

  • To guarantee product quality

  • Consumer-friendly use and consumption

Our solutions

Biomaterials, recyclability and sustainability

  • The development of biomaterials from by-products of the food industry.
  • The design of packaging solutions that are easier to recycle.
  • Biodegradability, recyclability and compostability studies.
  • The design of packaging made from more sustainable materials (cellulosic materials, recycled polymers, etc.).

Innovation in contact with food

  • The design and development of barrier packaging for improved shelf life.
  • Personalised packaging systems and preservation treatments.
  • Characterisation and implementation of inspection systems for container sealing.
  • Permeability and migration studies.
  • Legal consultation regarding materials in contact with foods.

Characterisation, suitability and acceptance

  • Characterisation of packaging materials.
  • Package-product suitability and interaction studies.
  • Consumer acceptance studies.

Ecodesign and the consumer

  • Ecodesigned packaging targeted at a specific segment.
  • Functional design and convenience.
  • Market analysis and acceptance studies with consumer panels.

We set ourselves apart

  • Turnkey solutions that take into account market trends, consumer opinion and current legislation.
  • Specific packaging development according to the individual requirements of the product.
  • 360° packaging eco-design, while considering all boundary conditions.
  • Collaboration with various stakeholders (consumers, packaging producers, recyclers, distribution…) in the development of new packaging materials.
  • New packaging development combining innovative materials from different sources.

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Encarna Gómez
Market Director

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