The design and launch of products that contribute to improving consumer health.

Probiotics are defined as live micro-organisms that are beneficial to the consumer when ingested in adequate amounts. The interest in foods and beverages that have digestive and gut health claims has increased in recent years and is expected to continue to grow.

There is a greater consumer demand to develop new or improved products that incorporate micro-organisms with a beneficial effect on health. The challenge is to guarantee safety and functionality in a short period of time in order to be able to launch new products.

At AINIA we give you value

  • The design of biotechnological processes to obtain beneficial micro-organisms.

  • Customised microencapsulation processes to stabilise and release the probiotics.

  • The assessment of bioaccessibility and bioavailability using proprietary technologies. In vitro dynamic digester and cell models.

  • In vitro dynamic digester and cell models.

  • Legal advice on the use of health claims.


To grow probiotic microorganisms, we have our own collection of strains and extensive experience developing and optimising advanced fermentation processes. It is also possible to isolate potentially probiotic micro-organisms from different sources and to perform a functional screening of their activity.

We complement the development of probiotic microorganisms with adaptation techniques such as microencapsulation. This allows us to protect the base microorganisms from industrial processing conditions and their subsequent gastrointestinal resistance once they are consumed.

To demonstrate the scientific evidence of their health effect, we use proprietary in vitro technology equipment which enables us to evaluate the gastrointestinal resistance of probiotics as well as the modulation of the intestinal microbiota. We have our in vitro dynamic digester, colonic fermentation digester and cell models to evaluate intestinal transport and functionality. In addition, we collaborate with specialised hospitals to develop clinical trials.

We develop commercially differentiated probiotics with proven functionalities, ready to be incorporated into a food matrix.

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Begoña Ruiz
Head of Biotechnology Department

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