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Ensure the acceptance of your food products.

Consumer concern is focused on healthier and more sustainable food but without sacrificing hedonic aspects such as organoleptic qualities and flavour. Some examples are the search for new nutrient-rich, low-fat foods or the incorporation of new alternative protein sources to the animal-based ones. However, reformulating a food product is not simple. Several factors are involved, including texture and organoleptic properties.

At AINIA we give you value

  • We make it easier to incorporate unconventional ingredients into food matrices (dehydrated and viscous).
  • We improve the texture and taste properties of foods.
  • The design takes into account continuous processing and energy efficiency.
  • We modify the technological functionality of the ingredient or food, from its water retention capacity, solubility, protein texturisation or structure modification.

The functionalisation and texturisation of raw materials and ingredients

Extrusion technology offers significant benefits to the industry by processing a wide variety of raw materials into nutrient-rich, low-fat foods. This technology contributes to the goal of healthier and more sustainable food. We apply both low- and high-moisture extrusion technologies in:
  • The development of new foods with new shapes, textures, fillings, colours and flavours.
  • Expanded protein-rich products
  • Modification of the structures of certain compounds, such as sugars.
  • Modification of protein functionality for various purposes. To improve biological functionality (digestibility) or technological functionality (water retention or absorption capacity, solubility, etc.)
  • Obtaining new protein structures. As meat analogues or textured proteins.

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Mariana Valverde
Product and Process Technologies

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