Improve efficiency and reduce losses arising from problems during production processes.

The need for automated processes to improve execution times and minimise the errors associated with human-supervised or human-run processes.

At AINIA we give you value

  • Collaborative robotics-based solutions for closed environments.

  • The design of automated equipment for open environments.

  • We develop technologies that reduce time, cut costs and improve food safety.

Robotisation and process automation

The two major innovations in robotics are collaborative robotics and mobile robotics (AGVs, RPAs or drones). These innovations increase productivity in the sector, both in closed environments such as the food industry, and in open environments such as greenhouses or precision agriculture.

Collaborative robotics, with robots and humans working together, can increase industrial productivity in complex processes. We have experience adapting technologies such as advanced vision and thermography. These are used to automate quality-related production processes (ripeness of fruit and vegetables, chemical composition) and a product’s food safety (foreign matter).

We also provide solutions in the field of mobile robotics, which can improve productivity in factories, greenhouses and precision agriculture.

We have designed mobile robots (AGVs), self-guided precision ground vehicles that automate logistics and field supply tasks, as well as drones that help inspect and monitor large areas. This equipment is fitted with sensors and software that provide real-time information of the field situation so that decisions can be made on the spot.

Our customised solutions incorporate Artificial Intelligence Most notably Machine Learning, which equips machines with sufficient knowledge to anticipate scenarios or identify inefficiencies.

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Ricardo Diaz
Head of Intelligent Automation Department

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