Juan Antonio Nieto / 03 October 2017

AINIA is working on a new “in vitro dynamic digestor” to test the efficacy of functional foods and drugs

AINIA is developing a new in vitro dynamic digestor that will increase the performance of the present equipment of the center. This new digestor will allow to improve the knowledge of digestion effect on foods and drugs. Thus, to verify the amount of food functional ingredients (omega-3, vitamins, probiotics, active ingredients of the drugs…) and bioactive compounds of drugs that are absorbed will be carried out with higher precision. The new in vitro dynamic digestor will reduce costs and time in R & D validation tasks compared to other commonly used methods.

This R & D project, DIALFARMA, is co-financed by IVACE and Feder Funds, and is part of AINIA’s line of innovation in Food and Health.

Juan Antonio Nieto (2 articles)


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Juan Antonio Nieto

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