Carlos Enguix / 22 March 2017

The latest technological developments on convenience packaging will be presented in Meetingpack2017

The third edition of this international meeting will bring together the latest innovations on barrier materials and manufacturing processes focused on obtaining packages adapted to convenience and comfort criteria for the consumer, without forgetting about sustainability and the capability to reduce food waste.

MeetingPack2017, the international meeting for the packaging sector organized by AIMPLAS and AINIA will analyse in this third edition the great challenges of food packaging and will present the last technological solutions hand in hand with the main experts and companies of the sector. One of these challenges is innovation on barrier materials, crucial in packaging developments adapted to the demands of comfort and convenience of the consumer, as well as the global objective of reducing the food waste by increasing shelf life, without forgetting about food safety and sustainability criteria.

The big changes in the consumption habits in the last years have generated an important growth in the sector of prepared packaging solutions. This requires the development and adaptation of technologic innovations in barrier packages, able to take processed foodstuff to consumers in optimal conditions.

Innovation is the key to satisfy the convenience criteria that prevails in the purchase decision. Some aspects like the ease of opening, design that make easier the preparation, reclosable packages, more ergonomic and portable, without setting aside quality, safety and environmental respect, are being more and more important. But innovation is also essential to achieve greater competitiveness of sectors like the food, distribution and related industries. The development of innovative materials allows companies distributing their products in new geographically distant markets, as well as a cost saving that has an impact on a competitive cost for the consumer. In supermarkets there is also a place for R&D, since they contribute to keep an optimal appearance during longer periods of time, as well as to increase the rotation time.

Essential event for the entire value chain

The cutting-edge technologies and materials capable of fulfilling all these requirements will be the central axis of MeetingPack2017 Convenience: Driving Barrier Packaging Innovation, held on 30-31 May in Valencia, Spain. The meeting is the most important international meeting with the greatest impact on materials and barrier packages and it is an essential event for the entire food packaging value chain. It will have the presence of large multinational companies from the food sector and packaging, materials and equipment manufacturers, as well as representatives from the distribution sector and other agents as public managers that frame the management and control policies in Europe, experts in food legislation and technologists. In the previous edition, MeetingPack brought together more than 300 experts, a figure that is expected to exceed in this new edition that is going to be held within the framework of the fair Made from Plastic.

Among the thematic issues taking place in this third edition, organized by the alliance of the technology centres AINIA-AIMPLAS, some topics deserve particular attention: new solutions in raw materials for the production of packages, barrier materials, sealable and reclosable materials, microwavable and ovenable packages, new manufacturing and packaging systems, additive manufacturing and 3D printing, industry 4.0, active and smart packages, sustainable packages (bioplastics, recycling, etc.), developments in testing and quality control equipments and foodstuff waste reduction.

Manufacturing the packaging of the 21st century 

UBE, DOW Chemical, Repsol, M&G, Polyram and Avalon Industries, world leaders in raw and barrier materials, will present the new materials they have developed and they will talk about the need to have materials that contribute to increase the shelf life of food, as well as its safety. These innovations will be complemented by a retrospective on barrier solutions made by the company ITC packaging.

BEMIS and AMPACET will bring their expertise on packages resisting high temperatures, microwavable and suitable for retort applications, thus achieving flexibility and ease of use.

Shadypack and Plastipak will present PET solutions that offer the possibility of packing foodstuff at high temperature without suffering deformations. On the other hand, Sealed Air will show its innovations in use of recycled materials, new convenience packaging developments and will bring light about the digitalization of the packaging sector.

The growing trend towards more sustainable packages will be also tackled from the new biodegradable materials or raw materials point of view, which have advantages in their recyclability. Concerning this aspect, the company Plásticos Romero will share its expertise with new barrier films completely biodegradable.

Likewise, the companies COMEXI, MACRO Engineering, Kautex and Krones will exhibit the last developments in the line of convenience packaging on machinery and packaging systems. Carburos Metálicos and Hiperbaric will talk about innovative technologies, such as the application of high pressures or other innovative packaging systems. Besides, ULMA Packaging will provide a global overview on industry 4.0 and their future impact in the food and food packaging industry.

On the other hand, the Danone group will showcase its packaging policy adapted to the sustainable concept of circular economy, while Grupo IAN will talk about the importance of convenience in the production of prepared meals.

Technology partnership AIMPLAS-AINIA: a big technological potential

The organization of MeetingPack2017 is framed within the strategic alliance between the technology centres AIMPLAS and AINIA as a European platform supporting innovation and research on food plastic packaging.

There are some of the partners that have joined the event: Mitsui, Schur Star Systems, UBE, Ampacet, Repsol, Comexi and Plásticos Romero. Besides, as collaborating brands Feria Valencia, Grupo IAN, Pescanova, SADA and Grupo Siro deserve particular attention

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