Effectively manages product and supplier information

ProductSphera is a collaborative software solution that reduces Supply Chain Management and Quality Control costs by integrating suppliers and laboratories into these workflows.

Designed for the food and beverage sectors, it provides an user-friendly and intuitive system that allows you to safely process and streamline information regarding raw materials, finished products and suppliers. Companies no longer need to rely on traditional solutions (Exels, Words, Emails, etc.).

At AINIA we give you value

  • Supplier approval. Automatically updated information and audits

  • Product data sheet management. Consolidated and updated raw materials and products database

  • New product specifications Through collaborative processes that also facilitate labelling configuration and prescription production.

  • Task management. From both the purchasing and quality departments

  • Incident management. Standardised communication flows with suppliers…

  • Monitoring of traceability. Contrasting analytical controls

ProductSphera Platform

The ProductSphera platform consists of three modules associated with different process flows.

  • Suppliers and raw materials module: controls supplier approval flows and the management of technical data sheets

  • Quality module: created to handle information on analytical reports and incident management.

  • Finished product module: responsible for managing the BOM (Bill of Materials) and technical data sheets

While the first of these modules is necessary for the platform to function correctly, either of the other two can be associated at a later date.

This platform is located on the company’s servers and can be accessed from the browser of any device with an Internet connection.

In addition to the functional modules, the system can include a food alert management module that allows companies to communicate with suppliers about food safety alerts that may be potentially dangerous to the supply chain.

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David Martinez
Head of Department Information and Communications Technologies

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