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Lidia Tomás / 14 May 2024

The 3 key elements of precision nutrition: colonic microbiota, nutrigenomics, and chronobiology

The set of microorganisms inhabiting the gastrointestinal system (colonic microbiota), the study of how foods contribute to our health through interaction with the genome (nutrigenomics), and the study of biological rhythms (chronobiology) are three of the key elements of precision nutrition. To learn about the latest scientific advances regarding the importance of nutrition on health,…

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Lidia Tomás / 01 February 2018

Interested in developing foods with health claims? Let PATHWAY-27 guide you

At the 5th FoodOmics conference, researchers from the EU funded PATHWAY-27 FP7 project presented their newly released comprehensive and practical guidelines for the development of products with health claims. Developed in close collaboration with stakeholders, the guidelines will help all those with an interest in health claims applications. Health is one of the key drivers…

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