Articles published by: Inma Gonzalvo

Inma Gonzalvo / 04 October 2016

First bioplastic made from surplus whey cheese industry

WHEYPACK is a circular project in which the cheese industry, that generates the whey surplus, becomes a beneficiary of the new PHB biodegradable packaging tailored to the needs of their products.The Project, led by AINIA, counts as partners with CENTRAL QUESERA MONTESINOS, AIMPLAS (Spain) and EMBALNOR (Portugal). Valencia, October 4, 2016. A team of researchers…

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Inma Gonzalvo / 25 February 2016

Transparent plastic cans, flexible bags to package wine and oxygen absorbers, the latest innovations in food packaging

Some important innovations showed during the first day: new bio-resin materials, new multifunctional coatings with lower thickness, or optimizing barrier packages in order to increase the food shelf-life in supermarkets. Valencia, 25th Feb 2015. A transparent plastic can for canned food, oxygen absorbers that increase the food shelf-life and bags to pack wine or oil…

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Inma Gonzalvo / 09 February 2016

Small scale biogas deserves more public support

The project has facilitated the promotion of small-scale anaerobic digestion in agro-food companies in 7 European countries (Spain, Sweden, Ireland, Italy, France, Poland and Germany) setting the ground for new investment through meetings with potential AD sites, including sustainability analysis, involvement in technical tours, workshops and trainings, and promoting agreements between the target companies and…

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